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Apr 9,2014 @ 01:34:PM

What’s Good DJ Samore Glad to have you on the site finally, How have you been?

DJ Samore: Man I have just been working, grindin' , all up in a little bit of everything, and been waiting on the opportunity to be part of krank it up mag.com.

So for those who are unaware please  bring them up to speed on who you are what you do and the movements/affiliations that you are a part of?

DJ Samore: Well DJ Samore is apart of Street Connect djs, Nappy Boy djs, 704 djs , Coast 2 Cost djs, Slip n Slide djs, I know I have forgot somebody but I just be working. Even tho, I have graduated from FAU , I still continue my Urban Experience Mix Show on FAU Owl Radio, and now currently working at 102.3 radio station in palm beach. And still connected to many in other markets and what not......but that's the juste of it...

How did you get started as a DJ what was your first gig?

DJ Samore: Well I got started as a real DJ was at FAU, the radio station, and my first gig damn let's see it had to be something on campus, Oh I know what it was a Comedy Show on campus Hittem in the mouth” put on by tri-county magazine Tayst Magazine.

So many ppl wear the title but what would you say sets you apart from the ones that do?

DJ Samore: What sets me apart from other djs, it could be that I am a dj / on air personality. Another one, is that I would say more commercial type of dj, unlike some djs, I know how to get the party turnt up. I believe a dj , gets the party moving, that people aren't just standing up against the wall, people are dancing that's just coming around around djs who do that, because if I go to a club or event and the party isn't moving I'm like the dj is not doing their job you got to know your crowd.

Let’s talk about your show “The Urban Experience”, how did that come about and why that specific name?

DJ Samore: Well my show started as Urban Ent Radio Show, which was really long!!! but as the show crew it grew and became an experience , adding sidekicks and  breaking songs from majors and independents, having people like Ace Hood, Kirko bangz, Elle Varner, the Rnb Divas Syleena Johnson & Monifah, SWV, RnB Singer Tank, I mean the list can go on, however aside from the interviews, just provide good entertainment in between a hell of a soundtrack mix.

What can listeners expect when tuning In, also where & when can they to tune in?

DJ Samore: Two words “Turnt Up” and also learn about new music, I try to keep the urban experience mix show playlist at least 3 to 6 months ahead of current hits you hear on the radio and plus play the regular hits in the streets and radio, and some hot artist to look out for in the mix , another key words, introducing new music!!!!

Speaking of Indie artist for those up and coming what’s the best advice would you give to them on getting their music played on your show as well as the radio overall?

DJ Samore: Email urbanentradio@gmail.com , send clean and regular versions, don't just send the song either, send your bio, links to check you out, write something, it's all about building a relationship with your dj, don't just send me an email with a song attached and I don't know you, 9 times out of 10 I'm not gonna listen to it, I might listen to it when I have nothing to do one day...but it's not gonna be a priority because I don't know you, you just send me a mp3 and nothing... And to get played on the radio overall you need a promotion budget, from the small stations to the big stations you need a radio promotion.... and thats the short version of it....Most important thing to note with build relationships with your djs radio, club, mixtapes.

How would an Indie Artist get their music to you, what stands out to you when browsing for new music?

DJ Samore:  Like I said to the other question, build a relationship if you see me in the streets and you got my card got my info , research me, hit me on twitter, say what's up I'm about to send the track , I'm looking out for it, send your bio, a video, or link or something so I can see that you are working, because an artist working grinding out there that makes me wanna say hey I will support you, and check you out, and give you some real feedback

Sticking To the topic of new music I’ve been following your mixtape series for years now, You’ve always managed to drop something every year,  for those have haven’t been keeping up go-ahead and bring  them up to date

DJ Samore: First thank you , appreciate that support, Mixtape Game when I first started I was dropping it like every month 1 or 2, then since 2011 I slacked up because of the gig at 102.3 and keeping up with my show has been hella work on a sista , but I still manage to keep up the mixtape consistency. I have UE hits, UE. Jamz, da urban playlist , rnb vs hip hop , the female edition mixtapes, summer playlist mixtapes, the rnb help in procreation mixtapes all out there hosted by some great friends of the urban experience radio mix show. The mixtapes have became the priorities that I play on the show, the mix from the show, so if u miss the show, download the new mixtape.

When can we expect the next mixtape to drop?

DJ Samore: 2014 mixtape series is called “the urban turn up” - vol. 1 was expect release date in february however we had some computer issues, and vol. 2 is about to be wrappin up so expect vol. 1 of the urban turn up really soon , and vol. 2 to drop mid April and look out for another 2014 ladies edition mixtape last year Sevyn Streeter n Ravaugn hosted it my female mixtape.

With so much success already early into your career what else do you have lined up in the near future or long term?

DJ Samore: The Urban Experience Mixshow will go national really soon, that will be made happen I want to be one of the leader of night radio turn up. In the real near future you can look out for my album, yes I'm putting out a full album distribution (can't speak on right now) but yes it's an album DJ Samore Real Grind Real Hustle, featuring artist like Cupid (mr make you dance), Dat Guy aka DG, Stichiz, Tejai Moore (formerly known as T Plezya), a young up n coming r&b singer who got next Ronnie the Vop, and I have some surprise other features to come stay tuned. I'm working with  official u.e. Urban entertainment producer , ProPhat Productions producer Phat Traxx , some may known him as Phats. Just know we cooking up some stuff, single , top 20 type of records str8 radio! And in the loooooooooooong term I will get back to writing scripts/plays/tv/movies and get my T.P. Tyler Perry on.... as you can see DJ Samore is always working on a current and future hustle babbbby.

How do listeners, fans & Artist keep up with you or stay updated with your movement?

DJ Samore: follow me on twitter @yodj_sourban ; instagram where we be I.g. Flexin @iamsourban ; facebook like the urban experience (facebook.com/theurbanexperience)

and if you are trying to really truly build a relationship with ya girl, send your music and info to urbanentradio@gmail.com , and be prepared for the real tho because I will tell you if its ready or not #fugees

Anything else you would to share ?

DJ Samore:  Build Network, when one make it , we all make it!!!

Any Shout outs? Shout out to krank it up mag for the interview, shout out to the ue team , shout out to my producer/engineer on deck Phats (Phat Traxx (prophat productions / U.E. / Livewire Studios), shout out to my fau owl radio fam, dj black n white, dj herculus (99 jamz), stichiz (1035 the beat) , my brotha/the play in the cut on the urban experience mix show k mitch (@kmitch305 on twitter), dj thunder, my nappy boy dj fam, my street connect dj fam, my 704 dj fam, man all my dj brothas and sistas it's so many to name. Shout out DJ Smoke dade county radio. We could be here all day so Ima stop, oh yeah all my followers and supporters for real!!! And the haters the undercover haters I love you the most....because at the end of the day I'm still working. Gotta thank God, the lord for him I can be bless to do what I can do and get a consistent check doing that so.

Sidenote; if I forgot your name please cuss me out but I was trying to hurry up and get this interview done it's been long enough already, and I should have remembered your name my fault, so tweet me facebook instagram blast me I deserve it but in my offense I can't remember everybody!

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