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 Prennuss Kutta: Welcome To PairAdice 
Jul 29,2014 @ 04:51:AM

What’s Good  Kutta,  glad to have you back on the site but this time we have you as a solo Artist and just to clear the Air  “The Profit Boys” are still together correct?

Prennuss Kutta: Most definitely I'm a Profit Boy for life! That's deeper than rap right there. I address that on the album on the song Road to Perdition. As a matter of fact, Me and J-ride are in the studio right now working on our sophomore album titled “Fast Living” and should be ready by the fourth quarter of this year. I'm excited about that as well.

For the minimal few who have been living under a rock please bless them with the introduction of who you are and what you do?

Prennuss Kutta: Well my name is Prennuss Kutta and I'm the president of Profit Boy Records and one half of the rap group Profit Boys. I consider myself an entertainer. I write music, short stories & screenplays, and host events that require a little comic relief. I have always had a passion for music but could really explore it like I wanted to during the early years because I was concentrating more on basketball, which is how a lot of people know me locally lol. Now a days I'm all about music and the entertainment industry as I'm still trying to lead my team to a championship just in another arena. God has bless me to be so talented in more than one aspect and I cannot neglect that gift!

So we know you started off as ½ of the rap duo Profit Boys early on but what made you decide to work on a solo project?

Prennuss Kutta: Me and J-ride were talking about getting people to know us as individuals outside of the group. We thought it would be a good idea to work on solo projects in between putting out the second Profit Boy album to give our fans A. more music and B. an insight on our individual creativity and personalities. J-ride always told me he thought I could do a solo album, I just thought now was the best time to showcase that ability.

How did the stage name Kutta come about we all know Prennuss is you birth first name?

Prennuss Kutta: Yeah my birth name is Prentice. When people say my name it sounds like Prennuss so I just ran with the spelling. Kutta was a name I was giving by my partners in high school, I honestly don't remember where it came from but I wanted to add the Prennuss to it to make it authentic. Prentice is a rare name but Kutta is popular so if I combine them I knew it would be catchy and still original.  The full name is Prennuss Already Kutta. LOL take that for what you please!

How would you explain your style of music now that you’re working on this album on your own and how does it differ from when you’re working on a Profit Boys album?

Prennuss Kutta: Honestly I have so many styles but I get a lot of comparisons to Curren$y and Fabolous. I wrote everything on the album except for one hook and the feature verses. On the Profit Boy projects I wrote majority of the hooks so it wasn't much of a difference. Now from a creative stand point it differed because when your in a group, you have to agree on formats and concepts. When your doing a solo project its kinda all you! I possess intangibles that my rap partner doesn't and vice versa. I wanted the fans and other rappers to know I can go toe to toe with anybody lyrically and how well my song writing skills were because I wanted to venture into ghost writing.

So let’s talk about this “PairAdice” album how did you come about with the title name and what does it represent?

Prennuss Kutta: Well the name is special to me. I wanted to do something for my hometown to represent the essence and history of how things used to be while combining it with my personal grind. I used the Paradice Club that use to be on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach Fl when I was I kid. I used try to sneak in there at night because they had a take out window where they served wings and sauce so when I went up there to eat I peeped in. It was the hang out spot and my city was alive and thriving! I changed the spelling to Pair a dice to reflect the gamble you take trying to be alive and thriving like the Paradice Club had our city back then.  I thought it would be catchy and instill some excitement behind the album!


Listening to PairAdice and it has a real personal laid back type of vibe like something you can ride to with the top down; can you take us through the creative thought process when recording this album?

Prennuss Kutta: Yeah it reflects me 100 percent. I'm a laid back top down type of man lol. I'm from the projects but I have experience a lot of things and traveled abroad that allows me to write original music! I wanted to create songs for everybody, my music doesn't cater to the streets but it welcomes it, I learned to make it mix. My main objective was to let people know my song writing capabilities and how strong I was lyrically.

We’ve also heard talks of you working on a Book as well can you give us more insight on this project ?

Prennuss Kutta: Yeah I'm working on a couple of things. Me and Lowron (Lowron Promotions) is working on a Real Rap Real Talk compilation that discusses the entertainment industry and relationships, how to make them intertwine.

What made you decide to go into that field and will this be the only one?

Prennuss Kutta:  I'm working on a couple pamphlets  titled “9 Lives of a Dog” and “The Truth Lies in Sex” . I'm excited about those projects but they are coming along. I have a passion for writing and being observant of my surroundings. I'm good at learning lessons and passing them on. I think I can have a talk show one day honestly lol.

Not to get off subject but you have a unique since of Fashion as well, what would you label it as and do you plan to get into Fashion soon?

Prennuss Kutta: Man I love to dress up. I like to smell good and be the cleanest in the room. I just  now started to find out what works for me as far as fashion and colors lol. I actually really into fashion right now, I like to push the envelope and be different!

How can Artist send you music, keep up with your movement and or follow you overall?

Prennuss Kutta: My email is bandazenrayzors@gmail.com or profitboys@gmail.com . All my social media outlets are Prennuss Kutta so I'm not hard to find. I got to be a better on social media, outside of facebook I'm not as active as I should but that's going to change.

Anything else you want to share?

Prennuss Kutta: Yeah I want to let everybody know that this is just the beginning of a long line of success for me and the Profit Boy family. I thank all the fans and supporters of the movement and I promise we will continue to give y'all quality work in larger quantities lol. Also want you guys to check out a house music clothing line called House Hippies. www.househippies.com

Any Shout-outs?

Prennuss Kutta: Shot out to my team Profit Boys, DMD Marketing, House Hippies, Genesis Marketing, Lowron Promotions, Flat Hat, Tyrell,Dream Team in Alt, Fast Living Team, Pengiun Suite Cinema, all the djs that rock with the kid Beni Boom, Chevy, D-Dub, MicCheks, Holiday, Rick Ship, and everybody chasing the dream! Last but not least my city of Delray and the city of Atlanta that respected my teams movement! Of course Team Krank it Up for the interview and all the support you showed the Profit Boys and myself throughout the grind. Thanks fam. 100

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